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Breast Cancer and Health

In WTO’s 2012 “World Cancer Report,” breast tissue cancer is the most common cancer that females may encounter. From 2008 onwards, the number of global breast tissue cancer has increased by 20%, with a rise of 14% death rate each year. Breast tissue cancer is no doubt the most fatal cancer for females. To prevent the onset of breast cancer, women should pay attention to how they take care of their breasts on a daily basis instead of how they should recover from it after incidence. All women deserve to be beautiful and healthy. To care for one’s breasts, one should focus on three main aspects:

1. Eat more vegetables and fruits with high fiber

It is said that a woman is made up of water. Drinking more water will guarantee a good metabolism. Eating more vegetables and fruits containing high amounts of fiber as broccoli, carrot, asparagus, or other antioxidant vegetables will help to protect a woman’s breast health. A diet with the proper amount of kelp will cut down on the over-reproduction of breast tissue. Two to three servings of tomatoes and carrots or similar vegetables a week will supply the body with carotene which gives the woman more energy.

2. Commit to an exercise routine

Exercise routine improves the body’s blood circulation as well as increases the oxygen content in the blood which is a great benefit to a woman’s breast care. At the very least, females should exercise every week, such as jogging or swimming regularly in order to maintain a proper weight and to keep the body in good shape. Everyone should make sure his or her BMI stays under 25. If, every decade, the size of the woman’s waist increases, then her chances of developing breast tissue cancer increases by 33% more.

3. Choose comfortable undergarments

Besides diet and exercise, your choice of clothing is also crucial to the breast health. For instance, many women ignore how important it is to try on their lingerie before paying for it. From the modeling to wire underlining, to the fabrics and the washing methods of the lingerie, these factors all effect the health of one’s breasts. The shape of a woman’s breasts will change with her lifestyle. For instance, the different sizes and cuts of different undergarment tailors may result in discomfort while wearing them. Therefore, it is definitely necessary to try them on.

Recently, in order to shape their figures, women emphasise shapewear in their choices of lingerie. Nevertheless, most shapewear brands in the market feature wires in their design which will put strain and pressure on a woman’s body. Since  a woman’s breasts should be the optimal first choice. Choosing a brand that helps tailor shapewear to the woman’s body will also help to protect breast health while shaping the body’s figure.

Another point is to refrain from wearing wired undergarments to sleep so that a woman’s breasts will not suffer from pressure. Other factors to consider are the fabric of the fabric of the undergarment and how it feels against the skin, if it soaks up sweat, or if it allows air ventilation or not. In addition to the undergarments, a woman should also be careful when choosing nail polish. Avoid products containing endocrine disrupter substance such as Phthalete Esters, PAEs. Refrain from smoking and staying up too often in case of mental depression, endocrine disorders, or imbalance in hormone secretion that eventually may affect one’s breast health.

In conclusion, a high fiber vegetable and fruit diet, regular exercise with a good lifestyle, and the right choice of wireless undergarment can help a woman protect her breasts and prevent diseases from developing. Finally, I want to remind you all to refer to our list of high-risk factors to assure whether you are prone to develop breast cancer or not. Remember, you should have your breasts checked regularly so you can protect your health.

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