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Don't claim that essential oil is edible or can substitute for medical advice!

To avoid breaking the law, don't claim that essential oil is edible or can substitute for medical advice!

There are various kinds of essential oils available in the market. Since they are produced with different raw materials and extraction methods, these oils must be used with great caution!

  1. Be careful with the application method - Essential oil is a form of highly-concentrated liquid extracted from plants. Only few kinds of essential oils can be used directly, such as Organic Lavender and Organic Tea Tree. Most essential oil must be diluted with vegetable oil such as jojoba oil or grape seed oil before being applied to skin. It is recommended to be used as incense and applied in oil massage.
  2. Cannot be directly ingested - If essential oil is used directly without dilution, it will likely cause skin irritation or other adverse health effects. If ingested directly through the mouth, not only will essential oil cause burns to oral mucosa and esophagus, but it will also inflict a severe blow to the liver's digestive functions. Some kinds of essential oils may even be toxic if takin orally. Therefore, do not blindly follow the false belief that essential oil is edible!
  3. Cannot replace medical treatment - Aromatherapy refers to the use of essential oil as a medium in incense-burning, massage, bathing and so on. The essential oil is absorbed into the body through breathing or passages on the skin, so as to achieve health benefits and prevent physical and mental illnesses. Essential oil mainly has preventive medical effects; shall there be medical emergencies or apparent ailment, the patient should seek medical treatments. Essential oil must not be used for substituting formal medical treatment. 

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