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Functions of Super Conductive Copper and Silver Ions

Now, let us discover what the "Super Conductive Copper/Silver Ions" are and their amazing health benefits.

The copper and silver are conductive metal substances from the nature. they kill bacterial for health too.

The manufacturing of Super Conductive Silver Ion fibers is coated with a layer of silver on synthetic fibers. Super Conductive Copper Ion fibers are made of special arylic fibers immersed in the copper sulfate solution. The feature and function of both fibers applied on the protective gears are as follows:

1. Microcurrent stimulation

It will generate 0.2 volts microcurrent in the human body after wearing, which may activate blood and smooth meridians just like an invisible acupuncture, guiding intracellular and extracellular electric potentials into a balanced condition. It helps to effectively relief stasis, muscle pain and other problems.

2. Static electricity reduction

It can rapidly reduce stimulation of static electricity because of climate, wearing, friction or other factors, mitigating the harmful effects of static electricity on the human body and making skin comfortable.

3. Anti-electromagnetic wave

Super Conductive Metallic Series can block electromagnetic wave up to 99% reducing adverse reaction on the human body.

4. Far-infrared function

It occurs molecular resonance with the human body, promoting blood circulation, activating metabolism, and keeping cells energetic.

5. Heat conductivity and heat reflection

Super conductive fiber has not only excellent electromagnetic wave, ultraviolet and infrared reflective effects, but also heat conductivity and heat reflection. Excess heat can be taken away from the skin surface, and the radiation can be stored or reflected to the human body. Thus, it is thermoregulatory, making people feel cool in summer and warm in winter.

6. Antibacterial and deodorizing

It inhibits odor-causing bacteria and mold growth, to give human health the best protection.

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