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How can you tell if the essential oils you are using are of good quality?

  1. Listen - Choose well-knows brands which provide better guarantee comparatively
  2. Inquiry - Interact with sales consultants, observe, and make sure the quality of the essential oils is good. A quality essential oil brand will offer a complete training course to its sales consultants, so they can give customers a professional and efficient consultation.
  3. Smell - The smell of pure and natural essentials oils will not make you uncomfortable. If the essential oils smell like cheap perfume of one experiences discomfort after smelling them, it very likely that these oils are synthetic fragrances dressed up as essential oils.
  4. Tips on the correct way to smell essential oils:
    Smelling essential oil directly from a bottle will probably cause a sensory overload. The proper way is to place the cap of the bottle under your nose about 3-5 centimeters away, gently swirl the cap to combine aroma and air, and then take in a short, light whiff. 
  5. Read -

    a. Purity: Read the Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS) testing report provided by the company. 

    b. Plant origin: Each plant has its geographical origin. An official plant origin is essential for high quality. 

    c. Description: Corporate identity (CI), Latin name, plant origin, extraction parts, capacity, dilution label, manufactured and expiration dates, instructions, and cautions must all be clearly marked and labeled.

The pure 100% essential oils are very potent and could cause severe irritation or sensitization. With the exception Organic Lavender, Organic Tea Tree and a few other essential oils, do not apply pure, undiluted essential oils directly onto skin!

Pay attention to the label:

A. Capacity

B. Manufactured date and lot number

C. Plant name

D. Essential oil name (Latin name)

E. Dilution rate

F. Corporate Identity System (CIS)

G. Plant origin

H. Brand name

I. Expiration date

J. The part of the plant from which the oil has been expressed/extracted

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