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Simple steps to detox and preserve health, creating anti-inflammatory physiques

it is now impossible to totally block, reject or avoid toxins in a toxin-plagued world. So how are we going to build an anti-toxin, anti-inflammatory defense mechanism from within and reduce the damage caused by toxins? Here are three simple steps:

Step 1: Savor foods in their original flavors. Eat more fruits, vegetables and less meat.

The fist step to detox and preserve health is to adopt a diet that includes more fruits and vegetables, and less meat. Choose fresh ingredients of the season and avoid overly seasoned or refined foods. Sweets or other foods rich in starch, red meat, processed meat (especially roasted or fried meat) are all inflammatory food and should be consumed less in amount as well as frequency. Build a good habit to substitute sugared beverages with water.

Step 2: Improve the enterohepatic system and active your inner enzymes.

Toxins, whether of external or internal source, are mostly removed with the stool. Once the digestion function goes down, the toxins enter the blood and are sent to liver through enterohepatic circulation for detoxification.

During the detoxification in the liver, for every toxic compound decomposed a free radical molecule is generated. Hence the more toxins we take in, the more free radicals we get, which spread around the body damaging our cells. In addition to improving the enterohepatic system, we need to strengthen the anti-oxidation mechanisms and enzymatic activity to facilitate the processing of toxic wastes.

Dr. Akazawa, the pioneer of bacteriology in Japan, has successfully developed a new-generation functional food with carefully selected Japanese advanced natto probiotics (Bacillus Subtilis AK strain), which are manufactured via a six-month fermentation and ripening process into natoo probiotic metabolic fermentation essence. It is rich in "enzyme precursors factors", polysaccharides, tiny-molecule metabolic regulator, multi-vitamins and amino acids groups, while easily absorbed and heat and acid resistant. Lab tests have proven that it:

  • Facilitates defecation without creating dependence even with prolonged use
  • Inhibits inflammation and axidation pressure in fat tissues
  • Dissolves thrombus and prevents cardiovascular diseases 
  • Helps improve the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates
  • Inhibits absorption of sugars and helps regulate blood sugar as well as weight management
Perceived reaction after taking the product for 7 days
Physiological changes during adaptation period
Frequent bowel sounds and gasIntestinal flora begins to adapt
Foul, drink watery or muddy stoolAged stool (bad gut bacteria) is removed
Increased stool, abdomen feels relaxedMassive removal of the corpses of bad gut bacteria from the intestines
Warmer limbsInternal enzymes are activated and circulation and metabolism improved
Less halitosis, foul stool, body odor and gas odorThe body is gradually cleansed and detoxified
SleepinessPeople who often stay up late, lack quality sleep or whose livers do not function well may feel sleepy as the body perceived the need to rest.

For further information, kindly click at: Japanese advanced natto probiotics (Bacillus Subtilis AK strain)

Step 3: Keep a regular daily routine and stay in a good mood

Many epidemiological researches have shown that lifestyle takes up more than half of the factors that impact health. A healthy lifestyle such as regularly exercising three times a week and keeping early hours not only facilitates our life adaptability and learning, but also helps secure the immune system. Moreover, we should learn to think positively, as staying in a good mood also reduces the damage caused by stress harmones, and brings good luck!

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