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Sunlight, the Sinner of Skin-Aging

Most people believe that if the weather is cloudy, they do not need to put on sunscreen. This is a wrong concept, as ultraviolet ray is everywhere. No matter it is summer or winter, sunny or rainy; you need your sunscreen once you go out for even stay under the light.

There are two main reasons for skin aging. It happens when we get older, our metabolism and circulation may have slowed down. The other reason comes from external aggressions such as manmade pollutions, and the natural sunlight, and ultraviolet ray is the aging-accelerator. Though atmosphere and the ozone layer have filtered parts of the UV rays, UVA and UVB are still everywhere around you, damaging and aging your soft skin silently.

There are two kinds of sunscreen product, chemical base and physical base. Chemical sunscreen uses chemicals to absorb the UV, it is fresher and lighter on your skin. On the other hand, physical sunscreen blocks UV by reflecting it away with powder molecules, it is comparatively thicker. There are both positive and negative comments on the methods. You should choose the suitable one basing on your skin condition.

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