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What is an Essential Oil? How are essential oils extracted?

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a highly concentrated liquid containing aromatic compounds from plants. The essential oils are produced after a series of processes in photosynthesis. These therapeutic oils protect the plants from harmful bacteria and pests, shield the plants from a harsh environment, prevent disease, and attract insects that are beneficial to them. By using essential oils, one is harnessing the protective and healing powers of a plant.

How are essential oils extracted?

Essential oils are found in the oil glands or pockets of plants. These glands or pickets are found in various parts of the aroma plant ranging from the roots, stalks, leaves, flowers, peels, seeds, fruit peels, and resin ducts. The essential oils are extracted from the plants by a variety of means such as steam distillation, expression (cold pressing), solvent extraction or CO2 hypercritical extraction.

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