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Your Lifestyle Determines Your Health

With modern technology and economy, variety of 3C products and tools make our life more convenient are developed and have changed our lifestyle. In daily life, we have been aware of these bad habits that may cause aging, even lead to chronic diseases or cancers?


It has found from its research that long time sitting and standing is the top 1 bad habit for health, in a rating of 72% among the top 10. This habit will result in poor muscle endurance, obesity, and slow metabolism. Among all ages, age 20 to 29 is the major group. According to medical professionals, continually living with these bad habits will cause stiff neck and shoulders, accelerate aging, and bring presbyopia to come earlier.


1. Frequent long time sitting and standing

2. Less than 1 liter of water per day

3. Smartphone addict

4. At least 1 glass of sugary drink every day

5. Legs crossed

6. Using 3C products before bed

7. Less than 6 hours sleep every day

8. Sleeping with a smartphone next to the bed

9. Not exercising at all

10. Eating high-calorie food at least two days per week


An old saying goes “no clog no pain, and vice versa”, which means when body circulation is not smooth and clogged, the part of the body which is clogged may feel pain. According to the statistics, more than 80% of people constantly feel body ache. This may relate to bad living habits and is an alert of the health. The ultimate solution to this problem is to developed good living habits.

To improve modern health problems, we introduces Japan-made Super Conductive Metallic Ion series to the market. Incorporated with concepts of Chinese medicine and western medicine, its high function and quality is awarded with certificates from SGS, Taiwan Textile Research Institute (TTRI), and Taiwan Textile Federation (TTF) for excellence, which is superior to the same category on the market.

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