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AK Beauty Delights / 3g x 30 packets/box

MYR 399.00

Formulated in Japan

  • Highest grade fish tripeptide collagen
  • Rebuild the supple & white skin from the inside out
  • Low molecular Low calorie High resilience, Get Beauty and youth easily.
  • 1-2 sachets daily, apparent improvement on resilience, moisture and whitening of skin after 6 weeks.
  • The influence of collagen on skin - According to research, collagen production and water retention ability of skin decreases with age after 25.


1. Re-establishes elasticity revitalise – Pollution-free, odorless, low-molecular weight, Halal certified (Fish Tripeptide Collagen) from Japan has been used. Direct absorption by GI-tract for better results to restore suppleness and elasticity of the skin.

2. Anti-aging and repair whitening and anti-wrinkle– Experiment proves that Japaneses [Cherry Blossom Extract] effectively suppresses the production of melanin.

3. Supple and enhanced revitalises physiological functions – Carefully selected annually harvested japonica rice in Japan to extract high concentration of rice ceramide using special biological technology, can enhance water retention.

All round supplements for your beautiful skin. You are invited to witness the resume of your beautiful skin.

Four Essential Elements of Youth:

  1. Fish Collagent Peptide - low molecular weight for easy absorption, replenish the collagen and showing youthful radiance. 
  2. Sakura Extract
  3. Rice extract (including ceramide)
  4. Multi-vitamins - supply cells with energy

Effectiveness may differ depending on individual skin/health, diet and habits. If you have any concerns about the supplement, please seek advice from a professional. Take moderately in accordance with your health.

AK 青春美颜素 


  • 最高等级鱼胜肽胶原蛋白
  • 由内而外协助重建弹力嫩白肌
  • 胶原蛋白对肌肤的影响 - 根据研究报告显示,25岁之后随着年龄增长,肌肤上的胶原蛋白增生及保水度也跟着下降。


1. 重建弹力,青春再现 – 选用日本无污染、无腥味、低分子,有Halal认证的【鱼胜肽胶原】直接吸收,效果佳,让肌肤澎满弹力。

2. 抗老修护,透白无痕 – 日本专有【樱花萃取】,实验证明能帮助改善肤色暗沉。

3. 补给强化,赋活机能 – 严选日本一年一产的特有梗稻,经特殊生物技术,萃取出含赛洛美的米萃取物,可强化保湿功能。

全方位补给 请您一起来见证 找回您的青春美肌
  1. 胜肽鱼胶原蛋白 - 低分子易吸收,补充胶原蛋白,展现青春光彩
  2. 樱花萃取
  3. 米萃取物(含赛络美)
  4. 多种维生素 - 提供细胞能量