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AK365 Revival Drink / 10ml x 30 packets/box

MYR 659.00

Made in Japan

  • Body Enzyme Precursor
  • Long-lasting mature abstraction method under Japan Patent. Active ingredients can be completely retained.
  • The importance of enzymes in the human body - Life span is negatively correlated to the rate of enzyme consumption. A higher concentration of enzymes in the body promotes better bodily functions. Enzymes eliminate toxic waste, balance body acidity and hence repair cells and adjust physical conditionings. Without enzymes to activate all the functions in the body, nutrients, vitamins, minerals, hormones and organs are unable to function optimally.


1. Regulates metabolism for good health – increase metabolism and promotes nutrition absorption.

2. Low molecular weight below 500 for below absorption – The AK strain specific ferment extract is composed of small peptides. The low molecular structure is heat-tolerant and acid-tolerant, allowing effective absorption by the intestine wall in the human body.

3. High concentration of 2500mg for better effect – Every sachet contains a high concentration of 2500mg, providing optimised effects in the body.

When body temperature falls by 1 degree, immunity decreases by 37%, basic metabolic rate by 12% and enzyme activity by 50%, increasing the occurrence of edema, obesity, constipation, allergies, etc. If body temperature remains chronically low, cancer cells grow and propagate more easily.

What is the AK Strain?Patent on Production Process Japan, Patent No. 3902015This patented process from Japan has been adopted for a long fermentation period of more than 6 months. The strain contains various enzyme activator precursors, polysaccharides and molecules of other trace components. The entire essence is retained and unfiltered.

If you are:

  • Having high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood pressure
  • Weak gastrointestinal function, habitual constipation
  • Allergic, weak immune physique
  • Often feel cold hands and feet, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue
  • Lock consume of fruits and vegetables, consume more fish and meat, unbalanced diet
  • Wish to have a good bacteria intestine
  • Hope to maintain youthful and energetic
  • Want to maintain healthy and prevent bad bacteria 

Effectiveness may differ depending on individual skin/health, diet and habits. If you have any concerns about the supplement, please seek advice from a professional. Take moderately in accordance with your health.

AK365 活力健康饮 (健康的根基 - 体内酵素前驱因子)


  • 体内酵素前驱因子
  • 日本专利,长效熟成精炼法,完整保存活性成分
  • 体内酵素的重要性 - 生命的长度与人体消耗酵素的速度成反比,体内酵素含量越高,身体机能运作越佳,因为酵素可排除毒素、平衡体内酸碱,进而修补细胞、调整体质。若没有酵素启动人体所有机能,各种营养素、维生素、矿物质、还有荷尔蒙及各器官等,就无法有任何的作用。


1. 36.5C°调节代谢好健康 – 维持体温在36.5C°以上,提高基础代谢率,促进营养品吸收。


2. 500以下低分子量好吸收 – 特有AK菌种发酵萃取物,由小分子胜肽组成,低分子结构使肠壁较易吸收,加上耐热耐酸特点,可直接被人体吸收使用。

3. 2500mg高效浓度效果佳 – 每包2500mg高浓度含量,在体内发挥最佳效果。

  • 调整代谢 - 增强体力 精神旺盛 有助健康维持
  • 慢慢健康 - 滋补强身 促进新陈代谢
  • 机能保健 - 帮助维持消化道机能
什么是AK菌种?特殊制程专利 日本专利第3902015号采用日本专利特殊制程进行6个月以上的长期发酵熟成精炼,富含多种酵素活化前驱因子、多醣类、及其他微量成份的分子,并以无过滤方式保留所有精华。


  • 三高族(高血压、高胆固醇、高血压)
  • 肠胃功能弱、习惯性便秘
  • 容易过敏、免疫力弱的体质
  • 常感觉手脚冰冷、肩颈酸痛、特别疲劳
  • 外食族,蔬菜水果摄取少、大鱼大肉、饮食不均衡
  • 希望能有充满好菌的肠道
  • 希望能维持青春活力
  • 想永保强身健体,防御坏菌侵犯