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【100% Authentic】Shinya Koso Night Diet GOLD Enzyme Diet-Supplement 30 Days

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【Buy 2 Get 1 Free!! Buy 4 Get 2 Free!!】

【吃对了,肥肉和你Say GoodBye】

**黑极黑金版 金装加强夜间活性生酵素 shinya Koso Night Diet GOLD Enzyme Diet-Supplement 30 Days**
- Take 1 packs before a meal with water.
- Not more than 3 packs per day.
- Can be consumed before sleep.

As this is made with natural ingredients, color may differ. However, there is not problem with the ingredients.

SHINYA KOSO Late Night Meal Diet Gold . The premium version of the increasingly popular Late Night Meal Diet series. Made with 160% more enzyme (from normal dose of 400mg to 610mg) and gluten free. Contains eight types of new ingredients including: koji mold culture subshell extract -GF, yeast peptide, virgin coconut oil, Gymnema sylvestre, black pepper extract, chitin chitosan, chromium yeast, indigestible dextrin.

Suitable for individuals who have to eat at night, eat at irregular times, need to diet but want to eat and drink at night. SHINYA KOSO Late Night Meal Diet Gold is designed to help you make dieting fun. Individually wrapped.
Designed by Dr. Hiromi Shintani, Late Night Meal Diet & Beauty contains eight ingredients that help you reduce weight and improve beauty

Production: Made in Japan