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Medical Grade Essential Oil

The quality of essential oil is determined by the place of production and extraction technique. Despite having the same names, the effectiveness of a product can be significantly different. We are distribute of essential oil from Easecox. Easecox International utilizes aromatherapy grade, 100% professional, essential oils originating from the finest production regions. We preserve the essence of the plant using the most modern extraction techniques and provide a natural and safe product that contains high concentrations of active ingredients to sooth and balance your body and mind.

Professional Knowledge

In 1928, French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse published his research findings in a scientific journal, coined the word "aromatherapy" and proved the scientific benefits of essential plant oils. Aromatherapy refers to the process where essential oils extracted from aromatic plants are introduced into the human body via the methods of massage, bathing or incense. The procedure not only promotes physical and mental well-being, but also provide protection against illness. Consequently, aromatherapy is also considered to be a type of preventive medicine.