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Marvel Ant-Aging Program

MYR 345.00

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Made in Germany


The anti-aging program is a combination of plant stem cells derived via state-of-the-art bio-chemical technology and a high mountain mineral formula from German homeopathy that offers a precise solution to all skin problems caused by aging; wrinkle correction, contour firming, penetrating skin care, dull skin improvement, and pore refinement to restore a radiant, young and beautiful look.

Marvel Anti-Aging Hydrating Toner (Step 1) / 100ml

An innovative and highly-functional hydrating formula uses hyaluronic acid and high mountain minerals as its base and is supplemented with botanic essential oils and extracts for instant skin softening and hydration to quickly restore skin moisture and resilience.

Marvel Anti-Aging Intensive Firming Serum (Step 2) / 50ml

This product contains highly-effective firming and anti-wrinkle components. Using prolonged-release technology, three anti-wrinkle components, including precious Alp rose stem cells, French Burgundy Gamay Tenturier Freaux stem cells and tripeptides, are introduced to the skin to achieve hydration, repair and a firming effect while improving the skin's defense mechanism.

Marvel Anti-Aging Revitalizing Emulsion (Step 3) / 50ml

Effective "stabilizing and firming factors" balance the skin's absorption mechanism for better absorption of active components, as well as to lift and firm skin contour; precious Alp rose stem cells and French Burgundy Gamay Tenturier Freaux stem cells are used to restore resilience and moisture for clearer, brigter skin.

Marvel Anti-Aging Ultra Repairing Complex Cream (Step 4) / 50ml

Designed especially for dry, aged skin, this special "homeopathy" technique and rich moisturizing cream are used to form a "functional moisturizing membrane" on the epidermis to enhance skin firmness and water holding capacity; effective anti-wrinkle and skin repair components are introduced to dry skin areas to assist moisturizing components and active factors in continuous action for all-around skin repair, nourishment, contour firming and wrinkle correction to restore flawless, younger-looking skin!

Marvel Anti-Aging Ultimate Revival Mask (SOS Formula) / 100ml

Anti-aging components such as complex plant stem cells and tripeptides protect the skin from harmful environmental elements and improve the skin's self-repairing ability, as well as provide moisture, sooth wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. "High mountain minerals" and hyaluronic acid are used for rapid absorption of active components and precise skin repair to restore the firmness and smoothness of young and healthy skin!

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