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Tourmaline Diamant and Platino Fiber Series

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Ladies' Diamant Tourmaline Fiber Series

In 1988, Diamant launched the first ever functional undergarment in Taiwan. Today, by market positioning itself as a product combines both beauty and health benefits, Diamant Tourmaline Fiber Series has always been the pioneer in the market. Adhering to the concept of Beauty Engineering, professional Body Beauty Designers are helping tens of thousands of women to regain their beautiful curve and body shape.

Diamant is not only a shapewaear but a health undergarment

Two major features make Diamant Tourmaline Fiber Series very unique. Firstly, Diamant undergarment series is manufactured in Japan with uniquely patented encrusted tourmaline gemstones in the fiber. Research has shown that the Tourmaline gemstone fiber is effective in promoting blood circulation and boosting metabolism. Secondly, it is designed with special weaving method (strong-medium-weak pressure) which helps to support and shape various parts of the body. Like a Beauty Engineering, professional Beauty Designers would transform different types of physique into gorgeous body figures.

Diamant is the top choice for the ladies in high society

Many Southeast Asian socialites hire designers to tailor-make Diamant into a one-of-a-kind “body sculpting evening dress”, so they can demonstrate their awesome figure to others! Company has been organising fashion shows in Southeast Asia to introduce new perspectives of the functional undergarment to general public which has become a hot topic in the fashion circle!

With its best quality, Diamant has an amazing sales record of more than hundreds of thousands every year. Women around the world are shaping their bodies and curves in a healthy way. Let's take a look on testimonials at how they are experiencing the perfect transformation!

Functional clothing for shaping bodies, PLATINO for Men promotes health, shapes your body, and makes you look great and cool with the tourmaline, without any extra burden!

Men's Platino Tourmaline Fiber Series

Platino is not only a shapewear but a health undergarment

Platino Series is a major product line for man that is made of tourmaline fibers, this body shaping series has been designed for the waist position of male. There are Platino Tourmaline Male Waist Shaper and Platino Tourmaline Male Shaping Pants. Platino Tourmaline Male Waist Shaper consists of 6 memory alloy rods, which can provide adequate support for the waist, avoiding forward leaning of the body due to protruding abdomen and thereby effectively correct the improper posture. Platino Tourmaline Male Shaping Pants have 4 memory alloy rods to support the waist, the design shapes the waistline from abdomen to the thighs, and furthermore, the adjustable elastic band at the waist can provide comfortable fit in wearing. Platino Series promotes health, improves physical conditions and shape of the body; it can support the waist and fight against unfavorable health factors such as unbalanced diet and improper posture.