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Purence Personal Care Collection

We understands that each one requires alone time to pamper ourselves. The Purence natural essential fragrance, mild plant extract and luxurious nourishing ingredients pamper delicate skin and hair during make-up removal, showering or cleansing. Purence's Cleansing Oil and Purence Versailles Rose Series are elegant choices for self-indulgence.

Our Purence Versailles Series is designed by famous Perfumer in the world, Jacques Cavallier.

Purence is using the Queen of the Flower: Rose, two type of the top roses to produce which are:

  • Permium: Rose damascena

The Rosa damascena essential oil from Bulgaria is made of the premium rose collected during the flowering season from May to June. As roses in this season have a very strong fragrance, a mild fruity smell, and an exotic musk. The best Rosa damascena is from Bulgaria and Turkey.

  • Premium: Rose centifolia

The Rosa centifolia from Provence in southern France is nicknamed the May Rose. It has a strong fragrance containing a mild honey smell. As the yield of the Rosa centifolia from France is extremely low, it is very valuable.  At present, most Rosa centifolia is from Egypt and Morocco.