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Super Conductive Ion Series

Super Conductive Ion series is manufactured using specially developed fiber with embedded silver and copper ions. since the silver and copper ions possess different electrochemical properties, combining them can produce complementary benefits for the human body. These include the generation of balanced and stable physiological functions as well as the promotion of overall health. 

The special conductive silver and copper ions generate a micro-voltage to sooth discomfort, relieve tension and mitigate the harmful effects of static electricity and electromagnetic waves on the human body. The far-infrared emission also serves to preserve body temperature and revitalize elements that are crucial to health. In addition, the natural antibacterial effect of the silver ions can prevent odor resulting from prolonged wear and prevent embarrassment.

New generation of Super Conductive Ion Fibre:

  • Revolutionary design in the textile industry
  • Global leading technology of combining copper & silver into a fibre
  • Manufacturer is certified by USA’s Food & Drug Administration
  • The Copper/Silver fibre materials are used in the USA for diabetic patients undergoing atherosclerosis therapy, and being certified by the USA’s FDA (Food & Drug Administration).