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EaseAroma Master Series

MYR 249.00

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The brand of EaseAroma is developed by Dr. Oliver Specht from Germany, he has invited top experts in the fields of medicine, chemistry and plants, etc. to find the best essential oil products for people who wants to improve their health. 

 Formula Features: 

  • Focus the chemical analysis of fragrant molecules

  • 1+1> 2 synergy

  • The quantum concept of homeopathy

  • Reactivation, recovery, protection 

 Product Features 

  • Professional selection - experts carefully select raw materials from various places

  • Symptomatic oil formulation - expert's analysis and formulating

  • Easy to use - formulation number corresponding to the using

  • Best effect - a complete formula design 

Aromatherapy-many natural organic compounds that work harmoniously like a symphony

  • Molecules of Aromatherapy are “1+1 is greater than 2”.

  • Each essential oil is composed of many organic compounds, and the

    combination determines the smell and aromatherapy purposes.

  • Scientists have confirmed that the healing power of essential oils is not determined by a single component, but by the synergy produced by the interaction of all molecules.